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Discover How Laser Gum Contouring Can Give You an Attractive Smile

Laser Gum Contouring in Baton Rouge By Elements Dental SpaThe gums are meant to delicately frame the teeth, rather than serve as the primary focal point. If you have an uneven gum line or too much gum tissue covering your teeth, our laser gum contouring procedure at Elements Dental Spa – Baton Rouge Dentist & Aesthetics Spa can bring uniformity to an uneven gum line after a single appointment.

Also known as gum reshaping or crown lengthening, this minimally invasive procedure involves the removal of excess tissue to create a beautiful, even frame for your smile.

Gum contouring at many other practices is performed with a blade. At Elements Dental Spa, our doctors utilize an advanced laser to achieve pleasing results with minimal discomfort and fast recovery times.

This procedure is amazing and is such a simple procedure that provides such a dramatic difference in the appearance of a person’s smile. Reach out to our practice today to learn how Baton Rouge laser gum contouring can enhance your smile.

What is Laser Gum Contouring?

Even if you have healthy teeth, excessive gum tissue can detract from the appearance of your smile. Laser gum contouring is designed for patients who have what is known as a “gummy smile,” where gum tissue extends too far down teeth, making them look disproportionately small or stubby.

By undergoing a gum contouring treatment at Elements Dental Spa, you can achieve gums with an even, scalloped appearance that complements all the best features of your smile. In addition to boosting your confidence, gum contouring can also reduce the risk of periodontal disease and make it easier for you to maintain good oral health.

Traditional gum contouring procedures are performed with a scalpel, which can result in bleeding and pain after treatment. By using a laser to perform these procedures, we can minimize trauma to soft tissues. Additionally, the laser will seal off blood vessels as it removes tissue, allowing patients to experience minimal swelling and shorter healing times.

When you visit our practice for a consultation, we will examine your smile and gum line to determine if this treatment is right for you. Many patients choose to combine a gum contouring treatment with other cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, in order to achieve more dramatic results. If you have found that you are not a good candidate for porcelain veneers because of excessive gum tissue, gum contouring can also create more surface area on teeth to improve your candidacy.

Who Is A Candidate for Laser Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring can create a more proportionate smile while improving your overall oral health. You may be a candidate for gum sculpting if you want to improve the look of your smile by reducing the amount of gum tissue that appears when you smile. Laser gum contouring is also beneficial if you have problems with chronic oral infections or gum disease due to bacteria hiding in the excess gum tissue.

Before recommending this procedure, the Elements Dental Spa team will perform a comprehensive exam and create a customized treatment plan to fit both your cosmetic and oral health goals.

The Gum Contouring Procedure

When you arrive at our practice for a gum contouring procedure, Dr. Luong or Dr. Nguyen may:Baton Rouge Laser Gum Contouring By Elements Dental Spa

  1. Administer a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during treatment.
  2. Once you are comfortable, she will use a special laser to precisely trim away excess gum tissue, creating a more aesthetically pleasing gum line.
  3. The laser technology used in this procedure cauterizes and sterilizes the tissue instantly, significantly reducing the risk of infection.
  4. As a result, there is minimal post-treatment bleeding and discomfort. This technique also eliminates the need for stitches.

After your treatment, some patients will experience minor soreness or swelling, but this does not typically interfere with eating or speaking, and over-the-counter pain medication can usually provide relief. We will also provide you with a detailed list of post-operative guidelines to help you enjoy a comfortable and successful recovery.

Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring in Baton Rouge

Patients who undergo laser gum contouring at our practice can enjoy numerous advantages, especially compared to conventional gum contouring, including:

  • Reduced discomfort: Because our soft tissue diode laser cauterizes tissues as it cuts, patients feel little to no discomfort after their procedure. While local anesthesia can still be administered for your comfort, it is often not necessary.
  • Reduced bleeding: As the laser removes excess tissue, it seals the wound. Therefore, patients experience virtually zero bleeding during and after their procedure.
  • Improved accuracy: Our laser incises close to the gum line, allowing your doctor to perform the procedure with incredible precision. The result is a balanced, aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Quicker recovery: Because laser gum contouring eliminates the need for sutures, patients can enjoy a faster healing period compared to traditional gum contouring.

Furthermore, laser gum contouring can even help improve your oral hygiene. When the extra gum tissue is present, bacteria can hide between the teeth and gums, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. By eliminating excess tissue, laser gum contouring makes these areas easier to clean.

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A gum contouring treatment at Elements Dental Spa – Baton Rouge Dentist & Aesthetics Spa can boost your confidence and greatly enhance the overall appearance of your smile. If you are unhappy with teeth that appear short or if you have a gummy smile, laser gum contouring could be the solution for you.

To explore your treatment options, you can schedule a consultation at our office, Elements Dental Spa. Contact us online or give us a call at 225-398-8812.