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Elements Dental Spa – Baton Rouge Dentist & Aesthetics Spa is excited to offer the most comprehensive dental care in the neighborhood. With 30 years of service behind us, we continue to serve Baton Rouge as a reliable dental facility.

We know how stressful dental care can be. The anxiety that comes when scheduling a dentist appointment is not uncommon, and often it’s even warranted!

Who doesn’t have a story about a tough dentist appointment that still haunts their nightmares? We get it. And we’re here to help, by taking part of that stress out of the equation.

Whether you come to us for preventative or restorative dentistry in Baton Rouge, we are dedicated to protecting, improving, or restoring your overall oral health. Young, old, and or everyone in between— our team of dentists provides care to all ages.

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Baton Rouge Dentist & Aesthetics Spa

  • Offer a Variety of Dentistry Services for All Ages & Needs.
  • 30 Years of Dental Experience Behind Us.
  • Provide Comfortable Space for Families, You Can Rest Easy While We Care for All of Your Oral Health Needs.
  • We Offer Virtual Consultation for Dental Emergency
  • Quality Dental Care Delivered with a Personal Touch
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What Our Clients Say

Friendly staff, great location, and top-notch service. I’ve been going to Dr. Luong for dental work for a few years now and have always looked forward to seeing her and her staff. I stopped by recently while I was in town and I’m glad I did, they expanded into a beautiful brand-new location. Hope to continue seeing them in the future whenever I’m around.

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Sean J