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Revitalize Your Skin with Collagen Stimulation Treatment

collagen treatment

Numerous procedures can boost or renew collagen production. These include using supplements, making dietary changes, and getting medical treatment.

Collagen, an important protein, is essential for maintaining the skin’s youthful smoothness. Skin elasticity decreases with passing time and different variables that affect collagen levels, leading to the appearance of fine lines.

Although collagen is produced by the body naturally, as people become older, their body produces less and less of this protein. The development of skin flaws like lines and wrinkles is one obvious result of this deterioration.


Smoothlase is a facial rejuvenation procedure that utilizes the Fotona LightWalker®. The laser is applied to the skin within the mouth, tightening the tissue from the inside out. The grid pattern of the laser precisely targets the structural tissue, using heat to promote collagen production in these areas.

Smoothlase can be used to treat aged skin around the mouth, cheeks, chin, and jawline. This intraoral procedure is an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate wrinkles and sagging around the nasolabial folds who wish to avoid surgery while still achieving impressive anti-aging results.


With Eyelase, you can rejuvenate your eyes to look and feel youthful again without any invasive surgery.

The top three benefits of Eyelase are:

Reduced bagginess

eyelaseAs you age, the bagginess under your eyes will start to become more and more noticeable. Stress and a lack of sleep will exaggerate the bagginess, though. Eyelase can tighten baggy skin folds under your eyes and dramatically reduce their appearance across several sessions.

Minimized creases

Using Eyelase, large creases can be minimized and you can start to feel youthful when looking at your own reflection again.

Elimination of fine lines

Nothing adds years to your appearance faster than fine lines and crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes. Many patients enjoy a total elimination of fine lines, sometimes in just a single session.


LipLase is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser lip treatment for lip plumping and volume. It increases the volume of the lips by stimulating collagen and elastin formation. It can help define the lips by improving the shape of the cupid’s bow. Laser energy is used to create a natural-looking result that looks better than dermal fillers.

lip colagen

LipLase can be done both from the inside and outside of the mouth. The procedure is painless and does not involve a needle. There are no side effects such as bruising, or downtime. LipLase uses its heat to target the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.

Collagen is vital for skin volume, skin laxity, and anti-aging. Elastin and collagen are essential for the skin’s health and well-being. A healthy amount of collagen can make our lips look fuller, more voluminous, and smoother.


As these are non-invasive procedures, patients can expect a comfortable experience without the need for sedation. However, you may experience a warm sensation and minor sensitivity. There is no downtime after the procedures so you can easily fit this treatment into your regular schedule. After your procedure, it is normal to expect mild tingling, swelling, and tenderness for a few days.

Typically, it is recommended that patients undergo multiple treatments to achieve the best results. Patients should wait for at least three weeks between each session to allow new collagen to form. Unlike fillers, which often provide noticeable changes within just a few days, Smoothlase, Eyelase, and Liplase provide gradual results that are long-lasting. With each treatment, additional collagen will be established, creating a more youthful, healthier-looking appearance.

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