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How to Get the Best Sleep After a PDO Thread Lift?

Skin thins and loses suppleness as people age. As a result, wrinkles develop, and the skin gets saggier. One treatment to help remedy this is a PDO thread lift.

A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive anti-aging therapy that quickly lifts and tightens the skin. 

There are a few things you should avoid following a PDO thread lift to get the best results. 

What Is a PDO Thread Lift? 

Thread lifting is a minor operation that entails inserting and pulling biocompatible threads such as Poly-l-lactic acid and Polydioxanone (PDO) underneath the skin. 

These threads swiftly lift the skin due to mechanical processes, and their presence promotes skin cells to create new collagen, resulting in a longer-lasting youthful appearance.

Can You Sleep on Your Face After PDO Threads? 

Mesotherapy treatment facelifting- Tiger Smile Family DentistryThe answer is NO. 

Applying too much force on the treated area following a thread lift is among the worst mistakes you can commit. In addition, you may have inflammation, bruising, soreness, or less ideal results if you lie on your belly or side during the first five nights after the procedure.

If you usually lie on your side or belly or keep rolling over all night, try lying down on your back for several weeks before starting your procedure. If you continue to toss and turn after achieving a comfortable position on your back, sleep in a recliner to avoid the possibility of lying on your belly or side. Another option is creating a towel fort in your bed.

What Should You Do Following a PDO Thread Lift?

Since thread lifts are non-invasive, the recovery time is minimal. Nevertheless, it is still beneficial to have a general notion of when you can resume normal activities. 

The following is intended to give the idea, but if your surgeon’s directions vary in any way from what is mentioned here, you should always abide by them.

  • Returning to work: This is determined by the nature of your employment and the conditions in which you work. You should be able to resume your work within one to two weeks of your procedure; however, this varies by job. Work that doesn’t involve much exertion can be continued in as little as one or two days. More time off will be required if you work in a physically demanding job or one that requires plenty of physical activity, such as personal training or nursing.
  • Taking a bath or a shower: After your treatment, you should wait at least 12 hours before bathing, soaking, or touching the treated area. Once you begin washing and cleansing the region, avoid massaging or scrubbing with a washcloth for the first three weeks following your thread lift.
  • Resuming regular skin-care routine: About 48 hours following your thread lift, you can carefully restart a regular wash, dry, and lotion routine, but minimize any rubbing, pulling, or exfoliating. Furthermore, it’s best to consult your surgeon before using any topical medications.
  • Wearing makeup: You can use makeup as needed 48 hours following your thread lift. Any leftover bruising will be covered with makeup.
  • Exercising: One week following the thread lift, you can begin doing light exercises like walking. However, any activity that puts a strain on the treated area should be avoided. For instance, you should avoid lifting weights until your surgeon gives you the green light. Likewise, yoga should be avoided for seven days since it demands your head to be below your heart.
  • Engaging in sexual activity: The rules for sex and exercise are incredibly similar. Most thread lift treatments allow you to continue mild sexual activity one week after the treatment, but this depends on the area involved in the procedure. For example, you will have to wait considerably longer if it was done to lift your buttocks rather than to address your marionette lines. Nevertheless, it’s best to request precise instructions from your surgeon.
  • Swimming: Following your thread lift, you cannot wash your face for 12 hours, but you should wait until the sutures have fully healed before swimming. The same rules apply to saunas and hot tubs.

How Long Does a PDO Thread Lift Last? 

Beauty treatment- Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

Studies show that PDO thread lifts improve skin sagging immediately after the treatment.

However, six months later, the results showed a considerable deterioration.

After a year, the effects were no longer noticeable.

Furthermore, research suggests that thread lifts can last from between one to nine years.

The results of younger people usually extend three to four years.

In contrast, benefits are only seen for one to two years in elderly adults with low skin volume or elasticity.

The Bottomline 

PDO thread lift is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments today. However, even though it is a non-invasive procedure, considerable caution must be exercised to have the best results. 

In this article, we have answered how to sleep after the operation and the things you should avoid to make the most of your PDO thread lift. Just keep these pointers in mind, and your treatment will be a success!

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