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Is It Best to Get Dentures or Wait?

The answer is yes; get immediate dentures as soon as possible.

Losing one or more teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease can be a huge problem for anyone, not to mention embarrassing. Fortunately, it is possible to replace lost teeth with dentures that look just like the real thing.

However, after removing the affected teeth, it can take some time to fabricate the permanent, custom dentures.

That is why it is advisable to use immediate or temporary dentures while waiting.

Are Immediate Dentures Good?

Immediate dentures can be partial or complete dentures that are placed in the mouth as a temporary replacement for lost teeth.

They are often worn for the first few months while awaiting the completion of permanent dentures.

Using immediate dentures also help in protecting gum tissue as the mouth starts to heal.

One of the main benefits of temporary dentures is that they immediately fill the gaps in the mouth after an extraction.

People can also obtain them the same day after their teeth have been removed, which is why they are a good idea to have for the time being.

Do Immediate Dentures Look Natural?

Immediate dentures are intended to look as natural as possible.

In most cases, they are difficult to distinguish from normal teeth.

Dentists ensure that they choose the color closest to the natural teeth of their patients as much as possible to maintain a uniform appearance.

Can Immediate Dentures Be Permanent?

Immediate dentures are not intended to replace permanent ones since they are only intended as a temporary solution for lost teeth.

An immediate denture is made to provide people with a functional replacement while awaiting the completion of their permanent denture.

Compared to temporary dentures, permanent dentures are meticulously crafted using tough material to work as a lasting replacement for lost teeth.

Permanent dentures are also made based on a mold that has been taken once swelling from tooth extraction has gone down.

Are Permanent Dentures Better Than Immediate Dentures?

As stated above, permanent dentures are more durable since they are made to last for a long time.

Compared to temporary dentures, permanent ones are designed to be worn for many years to come.

Most patients who have had their teeth extracted opt to use temporary dentures because it allows them to continue to eat and speak properly.

However, immediate dentures are already pre-made products that may or may not match the mouth once teeth have been removed.

This usually results in irritation, pain, infection, and other severe dental conditions.

That is why dentists recommend getting permanent dentures as soon as they are ready.

Permanent dentures are molded to match the gums of a patient after their mouth has healed.

Doing so ensures that the dentist can provide the patient with dentures that are a perfect fit.

As long as good oral hygiene is followed, people do not need to worry about permanent dentures causing problems in the years to come.

How Long Do You Keep Immediate Dentures In?

Since immediate dentures are made as a temporary solution for lost teeth, they are only intended to last for about six to eight months.

Keep in mind that temporary dentures are not custom-fitted, which means they can easily move around inside the mouth.

This is one big reason why most people avoid wearing them for an extended period.

While the mouth starts to heal and the swelling goes down, immediate dentures need to be adjusted by adding material within them.

Procedure for Getting Immediate and Permanent Dentures

The whole process of obtaining immediate dentures involves going to the dentists several times.

  • For the initial appointment, the dentist measures the patient’s upper and lower jaw, taking note of the color and shape of their natural teeth.
  • For those who only lost a few teeth and wish to get a partial denture, the dentist records the person’s bite during their first meeting.
  • This measurement process involves getting an impression of the teeth, which the dentist uses to obtain a temporary partial denture.
  • Once the immediate partial denture is available, the patient returns to their dentist’s office to get their teeth removed and the immediate denture fitted and installed.
  • On the other hand, a complete denture is necessary if all teeth are to be extracted from the patient. The dentist usually extracts the back teeth first. The area that was extracted is then allowed to heal for about four to eight weeks.
  • After healing, the dentist obtains an impression of the person’s mouth and places an order for their immediate dentures.
  • The patient then gets a schedule for an appointment to have their remaining teeth removed once the denture is ready. The dentist then installs the temporary dentures in the person’s mouth and adjusts them accordingly.
  • These immediate dentures are required to be worn for at least twenty-four hours before taking them out. Patients need to be ready to have regular visits with their dentist to have their immediate dentures refitted since this can change as the mouth begins to heal.

The Recovery Phase

Keep in mind that pain should be expected after the extraction of the teeth.

Removing the temporary dentures will not alleviate the pain and can cause swelling instead, making it difficult to reattach the dentures afterward.

When transitioning to permanent dentures, patients need to give their mouth enough time so it can fully heal properly.

The dentist then starts the process of crafting their permanent dentures once they are ready.

The healing time from having teeth extracted can be as short as three months but can take as long as six.

After being fully healed, the dentist then obtains several bite impressions from the patient to obtain the proper measurement of their jaw and mouth.

These impressions are then used by the dentist to fabricate the patient’s dentures to fit the precise shape of their mouth.

Get Your Dentures from Your Local Dentist

Immediate dentures provide people with a quick solution that lets them maintain their ability to eat, speak, smile, and talk confidently while awaiting their permanent dentures.

The process of creating permanent dentures can take months to complete and can cost quite a lot, so patients must be ready to make the transition.

With that said, permanent dentures provide more benefits than temporary ones, such as improved stability and comfort.

To know more about the benefits of getting dentures ASAP, call your local dentist. If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, call us at Elements Dental Spa today!

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